About Us

BARQ. is a local architecture and design studio base in Nosara, Costa Rica. For the studio, a project’s location and surrounding environment define a building’s composition. 

Understanding the architecture and internal space helps to create a project’s identity and balance between all the parts from its beginning.

The ideas, design, and composition are born in the study of getting to know the future user, their program, functionality, flows, and environment. Our goal is to generate functional, harmonious, and atemporal architecture and, as a result, a conscious space.

Work Areas

    • Construction Plans
    • Inspection 

    Interior Design 

    • Custom Furniture
    • Millwork Plans
    • Logistics & Sourcing 


    • Construction Permits


Feel free to get in touch with us!

You can contact us at info@brechuarq.com

Or check our Instagram @barq_arq

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